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Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception


The Ace Combat level of excellence comes to the Sony PSP portable system in an all-new game designed specifically to take advantage of the handheld's capabilities. Enter into an entirely new highflying action-packed world that will challenge your abilities in new ways as you take on the role of an ace pilot defending the country of Aurelia. The player's adventure begins after the neighboring country of Leasath, who filled with secretive motives veiled behind long internal conflict, has invaded. It's time to liberate your country for freedom for all!

Game Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception Players 1-4
Genre Action - Air Combat Online Players
Publisher Namco Bandai Games Developer Namco Bandai Games
Release Date 23 October 2006 Rating T [Teen]
Release Date UK 17 November 2006 PSU Rating Not reviewed
  • PSP
Additional Information
Only on PSP

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