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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within


The Old Man said to the Prince, "Your fate has been written. You will die." Enter the dark underworld of Prince of Persia 2, the sword-slashing sequel to the critically acclaimed Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Hunted by Dahaka, an immortal incarnation of Fate seeking divine retribution, the Prince embarks upon a path of both carnage and mystery to defy his preordained death.

Game Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Players 1
Genre Action - Adventure Online Players
Publisher Ubisoft Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Release Date 30 November 2004 Rating M [Mature]
Release Date UK 3 December 2004 PSU Rating Not reviewed
  • PS2
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Also available on PC, PSP, Xbox, and Gamecube

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