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Ever wanted to just break someone's face? Here's your chance! FaceBreaker is an arcade-style boxing game that comes equipped with 12 bone-crushing fighters, each quite capable of rearranging someone's facial features. The game even gives you the option to load your own picture - or someone else's ugly mug - into the game and send it into the ring. The oddball cast of contenders includes Molotov, a Russian demolitions expert who likes to fight dirty; Romeo, a Latin lover who's mastered the pelvic jab; and more. When the fight is done and your opponent's face is deformed, you can bring their head home to hang in your Trophy Room. Ouch.

Game FaceBreaker Players 1-2
Genre Sports - Boxing Online Players 1-2
Publisher Electronic Arts Developer EA Canada
Release Date 5 September 2008 Rating T [Teen]
Release Date UK 5 September 2008 PSU Rating 8.0 Read Review
  • PS3
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