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20th Century Fox and MGM busting out the "Must Haves"

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Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and MGM revealed an interesting Blu-ray Disc release strategy. The strategy calls for 29 new release and "must-have" catalog titles that runs through the end of the 2007.

Among the many highlights of the impressive worldwide slate are six day & date Blu-ray/DVD new theatrical releases from Fox including Fantastic 4: Rise of The Silver Surfer and Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4.00). In addition, the strength of the strategy relies on a four day & date Blu-ray/DVD (U.S. only) new theatrical releases from MGM.

With this strategy, MGM calls upong 19 "must-have on Blu-ray" films from the two studios´ libraries. The first one, giving it the title of Fox's first TV release on Blu-ray, is the popularly know Prison Break series.

With the switch to solely Blu-ray and DVD, Fox and MGM are optimizing their database of sales for the Blu-ray, which attracts a greater majority in sales by beating HD-DVD 2:1.

"Given that Blu-ray has consistently outsold HD-DVD all year, and this is the case for any titles released by any studio in both formats, we believe that the time is right for us to accelerate our activities and help convert the nearly 60 million high definition households worldwide into Blu-ray households," noted Mike Dunn, President Worldwide, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

With this move, we are excited to see both Fox and MGM's intention to release at least one state-of-the-art title per month featuring numerous "Blu-ray firsts."