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EA: FIFA is top selling sports game of all time, passes 100 million in sales

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on 5 November 2010

Soccer (football) fans can pick their sides, but there is one champion in terms of sales. EA Sports today announced that its FIFA franchise has sold more than 100 million copies throughout its lifetime. The series is now the top-selling sports game of all time.

With 18 years under its belt, the series got a bump with the release of FIFA Soccer 11, selling 2.6 million copies in the first five days after launch, making it the fastest selling sports game of all time.

FIFA 11 Ultimate Team is also now free, and can be downloaded for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

"Few videogame franchises ever reach the 100 million units mark," said Matt Bilbey, vice president of football at EA Sports. "It is a wonderful tribute to all of these fans playing FIFA 11 that our most popular and played DLC [Ultimate Team] is available today for the first time ever for free."