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Move has 'exceeded expectations,' says Sony Latin boss

on 16 November 2010

Sony’s GM of Latin America Mark Stanley has revealed that sales of PlayStation Move in the territory have "greatly" surpassed the company’s expectations.

Speaking during a chinwag with Industry Gamers, Stanley commented, "We're actually continuing to catch up on filling the pipeline with product, as we are in the U.S. and worldwide because demand has greatly exceeded our expectations."

The hardware manufacturer announced last month that its motion-sensing peripheral had moved 2.5 million units since launch, with 1.5 million sold in Europe and one million shifted across North America.

And it seems punters in Latin America can’t get enough of the wand-waggling delights of Move, with Stanley adding that much of its success can been attributed to the fact Sony’s been able to distance itself from Kinect and Wii.

"So far, we still don't have enough to supply the [Latin America] region and we're hoping to catch up, so triple-A success for us in the region."

"Something as simple as Move is easily communicated, easily captivated by the region," he continued.

"The difference is we've been able very much to define the difference between Move and Wii and Kinect, which has helped us quite a bit."

PSU spent plenty of time with Move back at launch, so be sure to check out our coverage here to make up your own mind whether or not motion-sensing gaming is for you.