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Eye of Judgement Devs Believe PS Eye Is Genius

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The PlayStation Eye is marked as revolutionary by the developers of The Eye of Judgement. Indeed, this little piece of device is easily able to pick up signals from UPAC numbers imprinted on a simple card---something no competitors camera comes capable of.

The director of Eye of Judgment, Kazuhito Miyaki, commented on the camera: "there is much more potential and ability in our technology." He explains that while the card game is what it is, every new PS Eye game will create a completely different dynamic, so the possibilities are endless. He also states that what developers choose to do can be extraordinary when given such a gift, so to speak.

"All of the different Eye Toy games that we've made so far and the wide range [of gameplay] that we have delivered shows that the camera isn't the key device, it's what we do with it that's important," says Miyaki proudly.

Truly, The Eye of Judgment makes a revolutionary tear in the 3D device recognition genre. The efforts imbued throughout the game's use of the wondrous PS Eye and the strategy of the core gameplay make it noteworthy in history.

PSU currently has a preview for The Eye of Judgment available, but will have more for everyone on this title in the near future.

Source: CVG