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The 360 to PS3 Port Trend Will "Reverse Fairly Quickly"

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Phil Harrison strongly believes the horrible 360 to PS3 ports will come to an end soon enough. He was asked the following question:

"It seems like the trend for third parties is to develop for 360 and then bring those games to PS3, which means the games are not taking full advantage of the PS3's power and it's up to the first-party games to show off the PS3's power. How will you convince third parties to design specifically for PS3 instead of porting or tweaking code? How can Sony reverse this trend?"

An interesting question despite a wrong statement to start out with since games that are announced for every console (360,PS3,PC) to begin with are simultaneously developed---with a few exceptions of course.

This question applies specifically to those games that are announced as a surefire port by the developer when he has chosen not to make a game ground up or enhance on it further in addition to ground up development. A good case of ground up development months after the 360 is Oblivion IV, a game built ground up and not a port with extraordinary amounts of enhancements from the 360 version.

In a way, Harrison is not surprised by why ports transpire from 360 to PS3 sometimes.

"It's very natural, however, to see what some of the third parties are doing. They started to work on Xbox 360 before they did on PS3; they got some tools and technology and know-how established on the format before PS3."

Harrison responds quite convincingly,however, that this trend will soon change from PS3 first to 360 after.

"That situation will reverse fairly quickly organically, but what we're doing from a worldwide studios point of view is we're actually shifting some of our core technologies from exclusively being available to our studios to supporting third parties as well – all third parties."

He further goes on to state that Edge is delivering some core technologies to developers, and more will be released mainstream to them. Looks like the future of 360 ports on the PS3 will be coming to an end. Of course Harrison isn't the only one to think this. Remember Factor 5 readers?

Source: GameDaily