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FIFA gets 10-player online

FIFA 08 will feature a 10-player online mode on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The EA Sports title will include a brand new mode called 'Be A Pro' that will allow 5 versus 5 matches. Each player will control one man each throughout the match, with the rest of the team handled by the game's AI.

Those of you who have played past FIFA games may be slightly worried about the camera, as such a mode suggests it would have to be very high above the pitch. However, EA is working on a new camera mode that follows your man on the pitch, giving an all new view of the action.

Joe Booth, producer of FIFA 08, had this to say:

"At EA Sports our dream is to create a full 11 versus 11 online gameplay experience in which each user will have a set position during the match and train specifically for that position." EA expects this to be possible by World Cup 2010.

The new mode will not ship with the game itself on October 9th (September 28th in Europe). Instead, it will be provided via a downloadable update six to eight weeks after release.

More from Leipzig soon.