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PSP Go! announced

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Sony has shown a lot of enthusiasm for the PSP so far during its Games Convention 2007 conference, in particular by introducing its new Go! Entertainment brand.

The brand will feature many enhancements, allowing for flexibility not only in communication but for real world applications, such as video downloads; voice chat, video chat and instant messaging; and a satellite navigation product that turns your PSP into a real time GPS locator.

The Go! branded video download service is made possible by BSkyB due for release in early 2008. It will allow people who own a PSP to choose a choice of programs from popular Sky channels like sports, entertainment, movies, music and cartoons.

The 2nd coolest feature is definitely the instant messaging capabilities. By using a wireless broadband connection and implementing a new on-screen keyboard, Sony allows everyone to instantly message friends, or plug in a headset and talk to them directly using voice chat.

If you buy the PSP camera, you'll be able to leave video and voice messages from anywhere in the world, without having to painstakingly text them with the keyboard.

Perhaps, the most exciting feature, however, is Go! Explore. With Go! Explore, you are basically turning your PSP into a GPS-enabled locator by introducing a new receiver and providing a UMD disk loaded with up-to date 3D maps from around Europe. UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Scandinavia. Not only that, but you also can choose any one of the languages for each of the supported countries. With such a device by your side, you will never be lost---either on foot, or in a car.

Note that the Go! brand is currently exclusive to Europe pending further announcement.