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The next Final Fantasy game will raise hopes this March

on 20 January 2011

Square Enix’s love affair with the Final Fantasy franchise only grows stronger with the release of each game. Fans, on the other hand, have pretty mixed feelings, but they only have to wait until March to get the next game in the series.

The company today announced that Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy will be released in North America on March 22. Besides carrying the unofficial award for most annoying video game name, Dissidia 012 is a follow-up to the Dissidia Final Fantasy fighter. You can pick up the game for $29.99 USD.

The game features action-packed fighting and RPG-based character developing, enhanced with a command-based mode true to the Final Fantasy-style combat, at least that’s what the most recent press release states. Square also announced today that Rachael Leigh Cook will voice Tifa, Keith David will voice Chaos, Steve Burton will voice Cloud, and George Newbern will voice Sephiroth. Ali Hillis, who voiced Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII, will also be featured in the game.