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Uncharted 2 stimulus package: Triple cash for Presidents' Day weekend

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on 19 February 2011

In honor of Presidents' Day weekend in the U.S., Naughty Dog is offering triple cash (experience) to players who jump back into Uncharted 2's online multiplayer modes. The promotion runs in all online game modes until Tuesday, February 22 at 1:00 PM EST, at which point Uncharted 2's virtual economy will return to normal.

Why triple cash? Arne Meyer, Senior Manager of Marketing Communications at Naughty Dog, explained the promo on the Naughty Dog blog.

Hey Tenzin, check out my cash fan. Pretty cool, right? ...Tenzin? Please notice me.

"When we ran the last Triple Cash weekend in early January, a few people here and there were wondering why we chose to do 3x cash instead of the usual Double Cash," wrote Meyer. "After running some mega cash multiplayer events in December, it felt to some of us that we set a little bit of a new expectation with multiple cash weekends and that it was a downer to take you all the way back down to 'just' Double Cash."

So, suit up as Nate, Elena, or Sully and go earn your bread while its fresh for the taking.