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Famitsu details Anarchy Reigns

on 23 February 2011

The first concrete details on Platinum Games’ Max Anarchy – aka Anarchy Reigns in the west – have popped up in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine.

According to the publication (via Andriasang), Anarchy Reigns takes place in the distant future, with the world having been plunged into chaos. Nothing new there, then. Raging battles between nations fighting for resources have escalated into full-blown wars, resulting in the application of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

Terrorism has increased, with peace and safety seemingly lost forever. Problematically, viruses have also run rampant, spreading through the seas via developing countries leading to unknown diseases. Mankind has survived via the use of nano machines and the development of cybernetic organisms.

As previously confirmed, players hop into the shoes of a chap named Jack, fresh from Platinum Games’ Wii outing MadWorld. Here, gamers are tasked with cleaning up various missions spread throughout the city of Altanbra. Famitsu states you can chose to accept or decline a mission, though clearing specific objectives will ultimately advance the story.

Apparently, Jack is fairly battle hardened, boasting special forces experience to his name and wields a rather nasty dual bladed chainsaw named Gator Tooth. He belongs to an organisation known as the Chasers, a group who take on missions that the local Old Bill is unable to tackle themselves. Famitsu also notes that Jack is 75% cyborg, and used to be a heavy smoker, though he's now quit.

Other characters you’ll encounter in Anarchy Reigns includes Big Bull, Zero and Sasha, who in story mode will act as rivals to Jack. Famitsu’s also got the full skinny on each character. First up is Big Bull, who apparently suffered a huge injury somewhere along the way causing him to dump his body and put his brain in a cyborg body. As you do. Apparently, his weapon is known as Jet Hammer.

Next up is Zero, who wears a Nano Machine Suit, augmenting his stealth abilities. As such, he’s particularly skilled at sneaking missions. Zero’s been duffing up mutants and battle cyborgs in his spare time in order to obtain data for the development of a new weapon. Zero wields twin blades known as Oni Maru and Juzu Maru.

Finally, Sasha is apparently an agent with the first strike team at the maximum security area of the Bureau of Public Safety. Famitsu says she’s a master of BPS Fighting, which utilizes a special Nano Machine Suit. As for her weapon, the mag says it’s a device known as Snow Spikes.

The article mentions that Anarchy Reigns is 75% complete, and is currently due for release in fall 2011. Stay tuned.