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Give PlayStation Home another chance, says Sony

on 24 February 2011

Sony’s urged PlayStation 3 owners who have long since vacated Home to pop back indoors and give the sprawling virtual abode another shot.

Chatting with Develop, platform director Peter Edward observed that the social networking platform has come “leaps and bounds” since its rather bare bones launch just over two years ago.

"It is a force to be reckoned with,” said Edward.

"I hear all the time 'I logged on when it first launched but there was nothing there' - but I urge people to go back on there. It's been two years. We were always very proud of what we had achieved for launch, but we're the first to admit it was basic back then.”

These days things are another kettle of fish altogether, Edward added, with Home boasting a myriad of fresh content and games to tuck into.

"Two years down the line it has come on in leaps and bounds, is vibrant, full of cool content and great games to play," he added. "It's free - those who aren't going in there are really missing out. If you think Home is what it was two years ago, do yourself a favour and have another look, you won't be disappointed."

PlayStation Home launched back in December 2008 and has racked up an impressive 17 million users globally.