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Celebs fill zombies full of lead in Yakuza: Of the End clips

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on 5 March 2011

SEGA’s unwrapped a couple of videos on the recent demo of Yakuza: Of the End, shining the spotlight on some of the game’s voice talent getting to grips with the gangster-brawler-turned-zombie shooter.

The celeb-packed hands-on spectacle includes snippets of pint-sized Kill Bill actress Chiaki Kurimaya – apparently a self-confessed fan of the series – having a go at the game's battle system, and generally being a little freaked out by the undead hordes.

Next up is Jun Komori, who also briefly takes on the Shambling Hordes of Hades before indulging in a bizarre-looking mini-game, the purpose of which completely eludes us.

Yakuza: Of the End is due out in its native Japan on March 17, 2011.