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Gamecock gets Balls

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Would you rather see Pirates or Ninjas win a game of dodgeball? Well no need to ponder anymore. Soon, you will be able play as one of them. Gamecock Media Group has announced that it will be publishing Blazing Lizard’s Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball, delivering the intriguing title to consoles very soon.

Gamecock recently expressed their excitement with the relationship between themselves and Blazing Lizard:

“If ever there was a team we were destined to work with and a game we were destined to publish, this is it," said Mike Wilson, a head exec for the publishing company.

The online experience in Ninjas vs. Pirates will feature many modes including Exhibition, Story and Challenge, with support for co-op play. Furthermore, 4 local players will be able to join in with the 8-player online modes.

We'll have more soon.