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Gabe Newell of Valve doesn't like consoles

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Valve head honcho, Gabe Newell, is not too happy with the consoles it seems.

In a recent interview with news blog Kotaku, Gabe talked about the upcoming Orange box. He also showed his love for the PC as a gaming platform, saying how sales are great. He also believes that ‘the graphics you find on consoles are essentially derivative of the PC’. Well with Half-Life franchise still making money, the love is not misplaced.

While he wasn’t too kind about Microsoft’s approach to PC and 360 cross platform games, he had more bile for the PS3, saying “I don't think they spent nearly enough time talking to developers when they were developing the PS3”, and how “It's less friendly for developers”

“It's a hardware architectural problem. I don't think they thought through the Cell architecture. The hardware is only as good as the software it enables”

Fair enough, but a lot of games have worked fantastically well on the PS3, so surely it’s not impossible. Maybe it even pushes developer to try just that little bit harder? Hell, Orange Box contains 6 games in it.

Either way, Orange Box is due out on 9th October, and features the award winning Half-Life games, gravity puzzle game Portals, and Multiplayer focused Team Fortress 2.

Stay tuned.

Source: Kotaku