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Lair and Folklore take top spots on Amazon UK

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on 26 August 2007

Lair and Folklore are selling like hotcakes over at Amazon UK, taking the number one and two spots respectively on the Amazon UK Video Game charts. They are each discounted to an insanely low £14.95 as part of some fantastic promotion. You can pick them both up for cheaper than another new single PS3 title. We have no idea when these prices will rise again - if at all - but there's frankly no excuses not to pre-order these two promising titles immediately if you live in the United Kingdom.

Fly the skies and participate in epic battles by dragonback with a revolutionary motion control scheme in Lair. Travel the Netherworld and discover the mystery as Ellen and Keats in the enchanting Folklore.

Folklore is released in the UK on October 12th, followed by Lair on the 19th.