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Online multiplayer confirmed for Max Payne 3

on 4 April 2011

The latest issue of U.K. publication EDGE (via VG247) has dropped a boatload of fresh Max Payne 3 details, confirming the bullet time blaster will be the first in the series to incorporate online multiplayer.

The shooter has remained a solo experience up until now, with Payne’s third outing apparently being set in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Our hero’s looking a little rough around the edges though, with Payne having degenerated into a struggling alcoholic since the series’ second instalment.

EDGE goes on to note that in addition to Rockstar Vancouver, the company's New England, Toronto and London-based studios are now chipping in on the project.

Rob Nelson, art director on Max Payne 3, commented: “We have a lot of talented people across all our studios,” adding, “and this just means we can bring the right people in for a specific task when needed – and it gives the games a consistant level of quality and an approach that’s Rockstar.”

The game will offer fully destructible environments, a wheel-based weapons window, fresh cover system as well as bullet time, the latter of which can be charged by dispatching foes.

In addition, the trademark comic-style panels will also pop up for a third outing, albeit with a facelift. “These dramatic plot pointers use the in-game engine and show an animated collage of action footage,” says EDGE.

Meanwhile, James McCafferty, who voices the series’ eponymous hero, will also return to reprise his role for Max Payne 3. This contradicts previous reports claiming Rockstar had set its sights on hiring a new actor for the gig.

Finally, the developers recorded hundreds of hours of mo-cap footage, which, combined with the Euphoria engine, allows for the game’s characters to interact more realistically and accurately with the surrounding environment.

Max Payne 3 is due for release on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 – a release date’s yet to be pinned down.