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New Tekken 6 fighter confirmed: Bob

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on 29 August 2007

A brand new combatant by the name of Bob has been confirmed to appear in Namco’s forthcoming Arcade/PlayStation 3 brawler Tekken 6, according to Japanese publication, Arcadia.

This seemingly innocuous fighter is allegedly a “material arts genius” that decided to undergo various body modifications to increase his overall mass and strength, supposedly because he lost to opponents of a larger frame than him.

The translation details: "With his toned body and handsome face he was very popular. However when he was unable to beat opponents who were larger than he was, Bob became determined to engineer his body to increase power and weight while maintaining speed. For this reason, Bob disappeared from the fighting world.”

"A few years later after completing his body engineering, everyone around him is shocked at his appearance! Although people are not taking Bob seriously anymore, he is confident about his newfound strength. To test his newfound power he enters The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6."


Tekken 6 is touted to include the biggest roster in the series to date, featuring a number of returning and recently introduced characters, including Kazuya Mishima, Paul Phoenix, Bryan Fury, Sergei Dragunov as well as new entries Zafina, Leo and Miguel. The PlayStation 3 port will also include full online functionality when it hits stores in late 2008.

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