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LocoRoco PS3 dated

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The sequel to the world spinning PSP game, LocoRoco, has had its Japanese release date revealed.

The game, LocoRoco Cocoreccho, or “Oiedeyo LocoRoco!! Boo Boo Cocoreccho!” in Japan, is a PSN downloadable, and will be hitting the Japanese PSN on 21st September. Apparently, rumours had been circulating that claimed it may be a ‘wallpaper’ game, but Famitsu, Holy Japanese Gaming Scriptures, has it listed as an ‘action’ title. So presumably it will be a full game.

In the original game, you moved the world around to roll the LocoRocos to the ‘Goal’. In this version, you control the Cocoreccho, a sort of butterfly, and shepherd the LocoRoco to the end of the level. This possibly means that the tilty-world mechanics may not be present in this game, even though Sixaxis tilty controls were promised when the title was announced.

Unfortunately, no release date for anywhere outside of Japan has been announced, but due to the minimal localisation needed, any announcements shouldn’t be far off.

Stay tuned.