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Blu-ray will win, says Panasonic

Sony’s Blu-ray Disc has gained a large amount of support from the corporate world in recent months, with companies such as Apple Inc., Dell, and Panasonic all pledging their support to the new format. Blu-ray Disc was first developed as a joint venture between Sony Corporation and Philips in 2002.

Today, Panasonic, one of the format’s leading supporters has stated firmly that it believes Blu-ray will ultimately triumph over competing technologies as the high definition movie format of choice.

"Blu-ray will succeed to become the predominant high-definition format, be certain," Joachim Reinhart, chief operating officer and president of Panasonic Europe, told journalists at a press conference at IFA 2007 in Berlin this afternoon.

Reinhart also philosophised on the company’s stance that people are going to “live in high definition”, using wireless technology to connect a variety of household appliances.

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Source: Tech.co.uk