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PSN exclusive Under Siege takes "maximum advantage" of PS3 feature set, says producer

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on 21 April 2011

During a recent discussion with PlayStation Universe, Under Siege Producer Filipe Pina said Seed Studio's upcoming PSN real-time strategy game takes "maximum advantage" of the PlayStation 3.

"So, since Under Siege is exclusive to PS3, it was tailored made to take maximum advantage of all its strong points, including a design based on the DualShock 3," said Pina, a 32 year-old resident of Porto, Portugal. "We thought that this was the perfect title to take advantage of all the new cool stuff current consoles have to offer, not only 1080p resolution and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, but also video recording, video chat, screenshot [capturing], and custom music."

Under Siege Cinematic Intro

Bundled with PlayStation Move support, an extensive 'Editor' feature, and a platinum trophy, this $20 PSN exclusive RTS seems more like a full retail title than a downloadable release. There's really only one thing missing — mouse and keyboard support.

"Mouse and keyboard is not supported — except keyboard for text input in the Editor or in multiplayer for chat — because like I explained, from the start we made the game based on the DualShock design," said Pina. "How it is now, it doesn't make sense to use a mouse and keyboard."

You can, however, configure the speed and size of the cursor, as well as revert the sticks and alter their dead zones. The game also supports PlayStation Move for gamers who want a little wand-waggling injected into their real-time strategy experience.

Under Siege PlayStation Move Demo Video

"In the game and in the Editor, Move has two main options: pointer or laser," explained Pina. "Laser is basically what it sounds like — the entire Move acts as a laser pointing somewhere. Pointer is more relative to your position, and to top it all you can configure the amount of precision, roll dead zone, etc."

"I prefer DualShock 3, but I am biased since I made the game," concluded Pina. "I have people here [in the office] who prefer the Move [controls]."

Under Siege hits the North American PlayStation Network on May 3, 2011. Click here to learn more about the units and bosses of Under Siege.