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Condemned 2 Bloodshot nearing Alpha build

In a recent blog post, Condemned 2 Bloodshot Senior Producer Dave Hasle discusses his feelings on Monolith preparing the title ready for its Alpha Build.

"The butterflies start to grow in my stomach around this time every project cycle – and it’s a good thing. It always happens with every project – no matter how much planning, schedule updating, and iteration on features has been completed; time is rushing quickly by when you’re ‘pushing to Alpha’. If any Producer says they’re not feeling any butterflies, or strain for that matter, during this time, then they are either lying or don’t care about the game they are producing…so I’m glad to feel those old familiar flutters.", commented Hasle.

You can read up on Condemned 2: Bloodshot by checking out PSU's latest interview with Dave Hasle here.

Interview details entail:

- Up to possibly 90 weapons including throwing weapons
- Levels including a Doll Factory and Garbage Barge
- Co-Op Online, Hobo Free For All, and Circus of Death Multiplayer modes
- No Sixaxis
- Talk about ESRB and censorship
- Possibly having more game content with PS3 version
- Spring 2008 Release Date

Condemned 2 Bloodshot pits gamers in the shoes of former Serial Crime Unit investigator, Ethan Thomas, as he is enlisted to track down the whereabouts of his missing partner. Traumatized by events from his past, Thomas is left a broken man, spending his days wondering aimlessly in a state of despair. Waging a one-man war against a rising conspiracy, players must utilize whatever means necessary to guide Thomas as he battles not only his enemies, but his inner demons too.

Stay tuned for more details on Condemned 2 Bloodshot as they become available.