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PSN downtime prompts worries about financial losses

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on 26 April 2011

With Sony still remaining tight-lipped on the much-publisized PlayStation Network issue, game developers have voiced concerns about potential financial losses over the shut-down period.

The PSN has been offline since last week with no indication of when it will return. The last official word from Sony, via the PlayStation Blog, confirmed that it was working extensively on the problem to get the network back online.

While Sony has yet to explain the issue fully, third-party developers haven’t been so shy talking about the subject. Speaking with Industry Gamers, Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games, who worked on the PixelJunk series, confirms that his company will be affected by the shutdown.

"PSN being out definitely affects our bottom line," said Cutherbert, "but as long as the people who were going to be playing Shooter 2 and other PixelJunk titles will get right back in there playing them when it comes back up we'll be happy and hopefully income won't be dented too much."

Meanwhile, Open Emotion Studios CEO Paddy Murphy has also spoken out. The Irish-based studio released Mad Blocker Alpha on PSN last week, so it has been affected heavily by the downtime. Interestingly, it appears that the studio may be helped out by Sony, who IGN claims has agreed to help with promotion of the game once the servers are back online.

"As long as they can give us some marketing assistance when the PSN is back up, we are sure we will be able to recoup our potential losses," said Murphy.

It will be interesting to see whether other smaller developers step forward to comment on the shutdown, and indeed whether they'll also seek Sony's help in some way too. If so, Sony could be counting the cost of the problem for a long time to come.