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Killzone 2 needs Blu-ray, says Guerilla

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on 31 August 2007

Guerilla Games Managing Director, Hermen Hulst, has stated that it’s forthcoming PlayStation 3 title Killzone 2 would not be possible without the added storage capacity of Sony’s Blu-ray Disc.

Speaking with the Official PlayStation Magazine, Hulst explained that the title would not be possible on competing formats utilizing regular DVDs, observing, "Xbox 360 doesn't have Blu-ray.”

"PlayStation 3 does. [A single level] is 2GB. We really need Blu-ray to make the game. I don't know how you could fit it on Xbox 360 without taking some shortcuts". Blu-ray isn't important for watching movies," he said, adding: "we need it for making games".

However, Hulst further added that the company believes the title would not be fully attainable on other consoles from a technical standpoint, regardless of the storage medium.

"I firmly believe that what we've shown we can get out of [PS3] would be difficult, if not impossible, to deliver on a competing machine", offered Hulst.

Guerilla’s Ter Heide explained the advantages of focusing on a single console as opposed to a multiformat release, allowing the developer to exploit PS3’s technical capabilities to the fullest:

"We literally can't do this stuff on any machine other than PlayStation 3. If you're developing a multi-platform game, you have to find a common denominator between the systems and say: that's what I'm developing for. Whereas someone focused on a single platform can really take advantage of everything it has to offer”, he said.

Killzone 2 is scheduled for release in North America some time in 2008; an exact date has yet to be revealed.

Source: GamesRadar