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Yes, your PSN Trophies and friends list are safe

on 29 April 2011

Worried that those nasty hackers were really just trying to ruin your Trophy progression or mess up your friends list? Well, don’t worry, your Trophies, friends list, and download history are all safe. Your personal information and credit card numbers? Well, that’s potentially a different story.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, where Sony appears to approach their worldwide crisis through a daily Q&A, some new information was released putting PlayStation Network users’ minds at ease—sort of. All of those Trophies you’ve collected playing offline games—really, you can’t do anything else—are completely safe and will re-synch when the network returns.

In addition, the PSN hack has not impacted your download history, friends list, or other settings. The PS+ cloud service is also intact, and once the network service is restored, you can retrieve your saves.

So, besides your home address, email account, and potentially your credit card information, Sony kept your PSN account safe. Can you feel the sarcasm?