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Mass Effect 3 targets 'larger market opportunity'

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on 5 May 2011

Mass Effect 3 looks set to boast more commercial pulling power than its predecessors, with BioWare in the process of tweaking various gameplay mechanics in order to appeal to a significantly wider audience.

That’s according to Electronic Arts’ John Riccitiello, who had the following to say during an investor call earlier today:

"One of the things that Ray Muzyuka and the team up in Edmonton have done is essentially step-by-step adjust the gameplay mechanics and some of the features that you'll see at E3 to put this in a genre equivalent to shooter-meets-RPG," said Riccitiello, adding, "and essentially address a much larger market opportunity than Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 began to approach.

"We're huge believers in the IP and are purposefully shifting it to address a larger market opportunity."

Mass Effect was originally pencilled in for release in late 2011, though EA announced yesterday that the RPG had been pushed back to a Q1 2012 launch.