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Sony to cut price of PS3 at Tokyo Games Show?

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Jesse Divinch, an analyst at prediction market simExchange, has filed a report that suggests Sony should cut the price of the PlayStation 3 in North America by USD 100, in order to maintain a competitive stance against Microsoft’s competing Xbox 360.

While the report concedes that a price cut would ultimately incur more financial loss per console, Divinch observed “Sony’s third party software support could be at serious risk if they allow Microsoft to continue to widen the sales gap."

With all of that in place, the Tokyo Game Show, which begins later this month, will present ample opportunity for Sony to take such an action and may improve the consoles fortunes in its native territory of Japan.

Though this is an interesting concept, it must be understood that as of now, Sony has no plans on dropping the price of their PlayStation 3. However, if the company does drop the price by any amount at TGS or anytime later this year, it would greatly benefit the PlayStation 3 as the gaming industry prepares for what should be an auspicious holiday season.

Stay tuned for more developments as they break.