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Epic wants you to help name their maps

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EPIC Games, the studio behind Unreal Tournament and Gears of War, has put out a call to all the loyal fans of UT. Being that the fans are normally the brain child behind a generous portion of the content, they have initiated a challenge to think up the best name for their new "capture the flag" map seen below.

( Image One, Image Two, Image Three )

We know that the pictures are not perfect, but the following rules and tidbits were offered to help your imagination run wild:

~It has to sound cool!

~The name must be of the form "CTF-Name". Multi-word names should be capitalized, i.e., "CTF-FirstSecondThirdWord".

~Don’t be silly with using names trademarked by someone else, immature stuff, etc.

~The name has to fit the mood. This level takes place in orbit around Omicron 6, the home of the sinister Necris. CTF-HappySunriseBunnyKisses is not appropriate.

~The name has to relate to the map closely, so that if someone says the map name you’ll know which one they mean. For example, a map with a big suspension bridge is called CTF-Suspense. The UT DM map with the deadly pressure chamber was called DM-Pressure. We’ve broken this rule sometimes, but it’s something we’re paying more attention to in UT3.

~For this map, the obvious hook is the gorgeous skybox with the star (Omicron) rising over the planet’s horizon.

While there have been no prizes announced or any information on what will happen if your name is picked, offers like this in the gaming industry are few and far between. Head on over to Epic's forums to take part in the naming party here.
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Source: EPIC Games