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Guitar Hero III and IV Rumors

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Music and Guitar Hero fans can rejoice today as some big hitters were revealed for the franchise. Rage Against The Machine talked about their involvement in GHIII, while the world famous rock group Aerosmith revealed their involvement with GHIV.

Tom Morello, guitarist for popular band Rage Against the Machine, revealed to Rolling Stone magazine that he will make his debut performance on GHIII. It was not outlined what song or how many, but rather that Nervesoft was swinging for the fences in terms of caliber of performers. He went on to say, "Whenever I play Guitar Hero my opponent always kicks my ass on my own riffs. It's embarrassing. Now that I'm actually in the game I hope the digital me will win once in a while." So all you gamers out there now know, that if you can get a 100% on his song, well, you may not be a better guitarist, but you are sure better at video games.

The guitarist from Aerosmith, Joe Perry, told that the band is working with Activision for Guitar Hero IV. Even though Activision has publicly stated his comments as rumor, he did actually say, "I don't know much about the technical part of it but artistically we're working hand-in-hand."

Take it all for what it's worth and look out for the new titles. Stick with PSU for more on this as it unfolds.

Source: IGN