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E3 2011: Dragon Crown announced, coming to Vita, PS3

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on 8 June 2011

During Sony's Vita demo video (available now on the PS Store) a game titled Dragon Crown can be seen being demoed during the montage that also aired during Sony's press conference. The game showcased beautiful 2D sprites, in side scrolling combat gameplay.

Vanillaware, developers of Odin Sphere and Muramasa (Wii), have announced that the aforementioned game seen during the Vita montage, was Dragon Crown, a new title coming to PlayStation 3, and PS Vita respectively.

Published by Ignition, the new title will have some sort of cross-platform functionality between Vita and PS3, a feature we're starting to see more and more of.

Players can expect Dragon Crown to release some time in 2012. Come back to find out more on Dragon Crown soon.