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E3 2011: New FFXIII-2 info surfaces

Square Enix has unwrapped a fresh batch of info on Final Fantasy XIII-2, revealing the hotly-anticipated sequel will incorporate multiple endings  for the first time in the long-running RPG franchise.

Speaking in regards whether  XIII-2 will utilize a chapter-based progression similar to its predecessor, Square's Motomu Toriyama told RPGsite:   “There isn’t an awful lot I can tell you on this subject, but we have changed that structure, because obviously people didn’t like it—there is a new one.”

“For details on that, we’ll have to wait until TGS, but one thing I can tell you is that for the first time in the Final Fantasy series, XIII-2 will have multiple endings.”

Apparently, the team have taken a leaf out of Rockstar’s book, with Toriyama adding that XIII-2 will feature side missions “a bit like in Red Dead Redemption.”

“Among the millions of games that came out last year, Red Dead Redemption was adored by a lot of Japanese developers, including ourselves,” he added.

“Our game is not as open-field as that game, obviously. We did take some inspirations, however. For example, missions can happen anywhere rather than having to go to a certain shrine, or base or something, and that’s from them. In this game you see lots and lots of chocobos and you can ride them. The kind of feeling you get as you ride the chocobo, it’s a bit like the way you ride a horse.

“It’s a really refreshing feel good experience, and that’s one thing we learned from the game.”

Addressing criticism on Final Fantasy XIII’s lack of traditional, PS1-era towns to explore, Toriyama insisted that the process of cobbling together such additions would prove “quite boring.”

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released in Japan later this year, with a western release due in early 2012.