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E3 2011: Soul Calibur V will have 20-30 characters, half will be new

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on 10 June 2011

Soul Calibur V will boast a line-up of around 20-30 playable fighters, half of which will be completely new faces, developer Namco Bandai has revealed.

"We're anticipating somewhere between 20 and 30 characters, of which about half of them will be entirely new characters and half will be returning,” the firm told CVG.

Namco’s unveiled only a handful of combatants for the weapons-based brawler since its announcement last month, including newcomers Pyrrha and Patroklos and veteran fighters Mitsurugi and Seigfried.

As for where the game’s at, Namco said the title is “only 15% complete,” with plenty more content yet to be added.

Stay tuned for more on Soul Calibur V as it breaks.