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Silent Hill 5 could be PS3 exclusive...

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A recent interview with Masashi Tsuboyama, chief director of Silent Hill 5, revealed some new information about the title.

In the interview Tsuboyama stated that they had looked at all of the current gen consoles, and they all limited their ideas and could all lead to delays. Except the PlayStation 3.

Although the PlayStation 3 might be the only console that didn't limit their ideas, there is still a possibility the game could turn up on the Xbox 360 as well. But Tsuboyama said this all depended on the PlayStation 3 sales.

Tsuboyama said the PlayStation 3 is hard to work with, but the processor is far beyond any other console. He also stated that Blu-ray is a necesarry part in the development of their game.

The game will most probably be revealed at E3 on July 11 till July 13. And we will keep you up to date on new information about Silent Hill 5.