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Ebert: Sony is being bullied & has the best format

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"Why does Sony always seem to have the best format, and get bullied?" said the well known film critic Roger Ebert when he took some time to discuss the future of film. Ebert was asked about film in the 21st Century and in his response, he mentioned high definition media and rhetorically asked the above question about the Blu-ray format.

Ebert stated that he is much like any other consumer, and is reluctant to purchase into either format until the war is resolved.

"I'm looking forward to testing HiDef and Blu Ray DVDs, but I'm damned if I'll buy a machine until they settle their war." Ebert states.

Exciting news that a very famous film critic sees the power of Blu-ray, but still disappointing to see that he won't buy a PS3 or Blu-ray player anytime soon!

Source: N4G