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DICE: Battlefield 3 PS3, 360 runs @ 30fps, 720p

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on 20 June 2011

DICE has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Battlefield 3 clock in at 30 fps and will support 720p resolution, “just as 99% of all games for those platforms.”

Speaking in response to user questions on Twitter, rendering architect Johan Andersson revealed that the studio feels the military shooter’s overall package of lush visuals, expansive levels and full-on epic destruction is 'more important than 1080p.'

"how is that a shame?" said Andersson. "name a single FPS game that runs at 1080p on any of the consoles? would have to do huge gameplay cuts... 99.9% of PS3 and Xbox 360 games are 720p. and a lot of them, including MW2 is way lower than that.

"we always do 30 fps on consoles, not possible to fit in vehicles, fx, scale and all players otherwise," Andersson continued. "we think huge levels, lots of players, great fx, destruction, vehicles & varied gameplay is more important than 1080p."

DICE showed off the first console footage of Battlefield 3 on Jimmy Fallon last week, though some folk responded by complaining the shooter didn’t stand up to its PC counterpart.

In defence, Andersson offered: "... some console gamers have really no idea what they are playing on or what a modern PC is capable of."

Battlefield 3 is due out in October 2011.