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PS Vita won't hit the UK until early 2012?

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on 24 June 2011

The chaps at CVG are reporting that PlayStation Vita won’t be released in the UK until early 2012.

According to a senior retail source close to Sony, the new handheld is being prepped for a January or February launch in the territory, though it is believed Vita will still hit the U.S. this side of Christmas.

The source commented: "Sony knows it's effectively gifting the festive handheld market to 3DS - but is still really confident of a success.”

"The overall strategy is that they want the hardcore to buy first and then spread the word. It's a blow for us, but they think they can still do that in the UK without the Christmas sales boost."

When contacted for comment on the matter, a representative for Sony Computer Entertainment UK stated, “We haven't announced a release date for Vita yet."

Earlier this week, a listing for PlayStation Vita appeared on UK retailer ShopTo, claiming the handheld would be released in early November.

Stay tuned.