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New Star Ocean 4 details revealed

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Famitsu Magazine recently had the opportunity to speak with Yoshinori Tamagishi, the producer of Star Ocean 4, revealing some new information on the highly anticipated sci-fi fantasy RPG.

The latest instalment in a long running and immensely popular series of RPGs, Star Ocean 4 will be based across several space-themed environments the series has become renowned for. The storyline has already been completed and the game is currently in a temporary playable build.

According to Yamagishi, the battle system is currently the only playable part of the game, albeit in a more simplified form. The development team is currently working to balance it out and add more depth. The game itself will be very open for exploration, with a "large number" of planets that are all available for the player to discover. Hajime Kojima, assistant producer for the project has also stated that there will be several places throughout the game that are not formed planets, but will able to be explored nonetheless.

The story will revolve around Edge Maverick and Reimi, childhood friends who are stationed on the same survey ship. Unfortunately, little else has been released as of yet, however, Kojima has hinted at a more in depth unveiling of the game at this year's Tokyo Game Show in a few short weeks.

Star Ocean 4 still has no platform confirmed as of yet. However, Yamagishi has claimed that the game has been developed with hardware in mind, and Kojima says that it will debut on a system capable of delivering beautiful graphics. We hope that this title will be PlayStation 3 exclusive, as the last two in the series have only been available on Sony’s hardware.

Be sure to check back in during TGS to find out all the latest on this game.