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Final Fantasy Type-0 is 80% complete

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on 5 July 2011

Japanese publication Famitsu (as translated by Andriasang) is reporting that Final Fantasy Type-0 is around 80 percent complete, though revealed a delay may be on the cards.

The PSP-exclusive outing was originally due for release in the Land of the Rising Sun this summer, though according to director Hajime Tabata, the PSN’s downtime has meant the game likely won’t hit stores until fall.

Elsewhere, the magazine also says Type-0 will pack around 30-40 hours of play time, though gamers who play “fully” will be able to squeeze as much as 100 hours out of it.

Square’s also looking into releasing a downloadable version of the game, and Square Enix Members connectivity ala The 3rd Birthday will be offered. Furthermore, Famitsu says that Type-0 sported 40 characters at one point during its development, before Square ultimately trimmed the cast down to just 14.

Oh, and apparently the game’s version of Shiva will be “sexy.” Can’t be bad, can it? Stay tuned for more info on Final Fantasy Type-0 as we get it.

via VG247