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Mass Effect 3 'secret feature X' teased by BioWare

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on 12 July 2011

BioWare has been teasing what they are labelling as ‘secret feature X’ for upcoming sci-fi sequel Mass Effect 3.

Tweets from assistant producer Billy Buskell and lead designer Preston Watamaniuk confirm that the studio has something special up its sleeves for the hotly-anticipated RPG, but quite what remains a mystery.

"With @PWatamaniuk back in the studio this week, our team was plugging away on Secret Feature X. Gameplay room was buzzing! #excited #ME3" Tweeted Buskell.

"Writing the spec doc for Secret Feature X this morning," added Watamaniuk. "The easier it is to write a detailed spec the more confident I am in the design."

Apparently we can rule out multiplayer, as the ME3News Twitter confirmed via BioWare Social Network’s Confirmed Features thread that the pair weren’t referring to a multiplayer component.

Stay tuned.