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New PSP strengthens homebrew

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The new, slim PSP was released less than 24 hours ago, and already hackers have managed to extract the important contents of the 3.60 firmware, exploiting the hardware for current and future homebrew applications. Apparently, with the exploit, hackers have learned about the updated hardware. The NAND memory that the new system is 66MB exactly. This has been added to improve load times and battery life.

Despite the recent outlawing of PSP homebrew discussion on Sony's official forums, it's apparent that the PSP homebrew scene remains unaltered. No matter what new firmware or hardware comes out, there are people everywhere to exploit it for the freedom of "educational" purposes.

Sony released information about a redesigned PSP at E3 2007, known as the PSP 2000 in North America and PSP Slim and Lite in Europe.. The new PSPs are 33% lighter and 19% slimmer than the original system.

Source: Max Console