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Dynasty Warriors 6 heading to Japan

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One of the most popular titles in Japan is now just two months from release. November 22, 2007 is set as the release date for "Shin Sangoku Musou 5", or as we like to call it: Dynasty Warriors 6.

This news comes as a massive surprise to ecstatic gamers in Japan, given that the game was only announced a few short months ago. In typical fashion KOEI is releasing two packets of the game to retail shelves come November. The first version is the basic game and box, with a second SPU "treasure box" chalk full of goodies including a "Omega Force strategy guide, a character art collection, and a metal character plate". Another solid move by KOEI after having two games go gold over the past 2-3 weeks.

This should help to boost PS3 sales in Japan, which, although are much better than Microsoft's Xbox 360, lag far behind Nintendo's Wii.

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