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Giveaway: Resistance 3 early access beta

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on 29 July 2011

How would you like to recieve early access to the Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta, before PlayStation Plus subscribers, and before gamers who purchased SOCOM 4? Lucky for you guys, we have some beta codes to give away to our North American readers.

We were going to keep the codes for ourselves, but the management wouldn't let us. Then we suggested letting you all fight to the death for them, but management didn't like that either. So we're going to hold a normal competition, on our Forum, Facebook and Twitter.

As per usual, each competition will have seperate entry requirements and conditions to win, as set by our awesome contest managers. Be sure to enter in each of our competitions to increase your chances of winning!

Please note: The beta codes we that are giving away can only be redeemed by North American PSN accounts.