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Blu-ray will become "major driver" for PS3

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Sony has always touted the PS3's Blu-ray capabilities, after doing the same with the world's most successful console, the PS2, and its DVD support.

According to Frank N. Magid Associates, over two-thirds of all PS2 owners have used their PS2 as a DVD player at some point, and more than 15 percent of owners report that they use their PS2 to play DVD movies regularly. Now, several months after the PS3's launch, over 80 percent of PlayStation 3 owners have reported using the system as a DVD player and 20 percent said they use it for DVD playback frequently.

Consumers who watch high definition content on their TVs have grown accustomed to quality and detail of the picture, according to Magid. As the growth of HDTV sales continues along with the increase in demand for HD content, the PS3 will strongly appeal for those who want not only a game console, but also an effective Blu-ray, high definition movie player.

Source: GameDaily