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Sony releasing Lair review guide

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The PlayStation 3 exclusive title Lair has been subjected to a slew of negative press since its release last month, with reviewers specifically targeting the games Sixaxis motion sensing controls.

However, in a bid to give gamers and journalist a better understanding of the games content, Sony Computer Entertainment has announced it will be releasing a review guide, which aims to illustrate how to use the games controls more efficiently.

Julian Eggebrecht, President of developer Factor 5 believes that the reason journalists have criticised the control scheme is because, A) they are hardcore gamers and B) they simply dislike motion controls.

Indeed, with the review guide, Eggebrecht compels us to “Open your mind and hands for something very different!”

The guide further discusses detailed facts about Lair’s story, characters, and the different type of dragons that you will come into contact with and or ride. Over six pages out of the twenty-one are all devoted to Lair’s motion controls alone.  

This review guide will hopefully aid gamers and journalists to understand the controls better if they were struggling from the start.

Stay tuned for more developments on Lair here at PSU as they break.