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Harry Potter Blu-ray release date announced

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Warner Home Video has finally announced a release date for one of the most anticipated movie series to hit Blu-ray and HD-DVD thus far.

That's right, on December 11th; the Harry Potter series will be available in high definition, just in time for Christmas. The latest film, Order of the Phoenix, will be available by itself, or as part of a special box set, which will include all five Harry Potter movies currently released to date.

Both HD-DVD and Blu-ray versions of this release will include A&E documentaries in standard def, entitled "Trailing Tonks" and "Fun and Games." These will coincide with the usual making of features and other various behind the scenes vignettes. Also said to be included are several, never-before-seen deleted scenes.

Like 300 and Blood Diamond, however, the HD-DVD version of The Order of the Phoenix will have three exclusive features, including an "In Move Experience" video commentary done by several of the cast members, downloadable content, and the ability to assemble your favorite clips into a montage. These extra features come at a price though, driving the price to USD 39.98, five dollars above the USD 34.98 priced Blu-ray disc.

The gift set will be a Limited Edition, and come with a price tag of USD 149.98, and come out on the same day. There is no word yet as to how long this will be available or when the movies will be available to purchase on a separate basis. As of now, HD-DVD owners can import the fourth film, "The Goblet of Fire."

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