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Sony Ericsson to launch games phone?

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Sony will unveil a gaming phone at the Mobility World Congress, according to news and community website Mobile Entertainment. Speculation has been mounting that the company will reveal a PlayStation branded phone.

However, now that the Mobility World Congress is almost here, Mobile Entertainment confirms that the device will not be a PlayStation branded phone like many industry insiders believed. Instead, it will be a new brand packed with a user friendly gaming interface, comprised with technical innovations like motion sensitivity. Mobile Entertainment believes it ”will pave the way for Wii-like gameplay on a handset".

The speculation of a gaming phone became more serious once Sony Ericsson’s designers, Rikko Sakaguchi, hinted that he was designing a gaming-type concept. Nokia is currently developing a new N-Gage. The first two versions of the company's games phone have had little success, mainly due to the lack of developer support, and also because of poor design decisions.

Source: Mobile-Ent