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Toshiba gains 51GB HD-DVD approval

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The DVD Forum, the international DVD standards authority, has approved a 51GB single-sided HD-DVD disc.

This disc uses three layers to store more information that is currently available on the Blu-ray discs, although those, too, can support multi layers to cram more data into one disc. In fact a Blu-ray disc can store 50GB on two layers.

Even though this new disc is most likely months away from being ready for mass production, it may serve as a threat to Blu-ray's main selling point: its superior storage capacity. On the other hand, 200GB Blu-ray discs, which use up to 8 layers, are currently being prototyped. The question then becomes, how much space is too much? In terms of high definition videos, it will soon become redundant, as movies and extra features will only take so much space, but perhaps for simple data storage, the bigger the better.

According to Toshiba, its entire line of HD-DVD players will be able to read these new three layer, 51GB discs, but will require a firmware update to do so.

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Source: ScreenDigest