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L.A Noire delayed until 2009

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on 11 September 2007

L.A. Noire, an exclusive detective thriller only for the PlayStation 3, has been shifted from Take-Two's fiscal year 2008 release schedule, pushing the game back to a release some time in 2009.

L.A. Noire, published by Rockstar and developed by Team Bondi, including founders involved with The Getaway, was first announced the summer of 2005 for a release on the PS3, part of a 3 deal agreement to develop multiple Sony-exclusive titles by Team Bondi. The game itself is set in an open-ended, post-war recreation of Los Angeles, where players must solve various murder cases in a city plagued with drugs and corruption.

Currently, only a game trailer has been shown and that's about it. More developments will proceed, as the year 2009 gets closer.